jazzyGUI is a quick and easy way to run jazzy and generate a .jazzy.yaml.
What's New In This Version
Version 1 provides a basic set of tools to get the best from jazzy.
Quick Start
jazzyGUI is a quick and easy way to run jazzy and generate a .jazzy.yaml.

It’s very straight forward to use, drag and drop your Xcode .xcodeproj file into the drop zone. jazzyGUI does nothing with the contents of this file, other than getting the enclosing directory URL.

Open the Setting (click on the Cog) and set the options you want.

Click the jazzyGUI button to run jazzy, generate the .jazzy.yaml or get more information.

Why is there a limited set of Settings?

Yes, jazzy can do much more but I ran into a number of issues passing settings into jazzy. The first problem with Args passed in via Process arguments. I spent quite some time trying to work around this.

I only wanted to generate HTML documents.

I also looked at all the advanced options, many of these you need to have both an in-depth understanding of jazzy and a complex project. In this case you would be hand crafting your custom config file.

Finally many of the options didn’t effect the standard themes. Again if you are going to craft a theme or use Dash then you would also craft a config file to go with it.

The settings jazzyGUI has give a quick, easy and understandable way to generate great documentation. It will save you more that half an hour, so at $4.99 it’s great value, have fun and good documenting.

Request Additional Settings for version 1.5