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The Preference Window sets the App’s defaults. These settings will impact the time it takes to generate the index.html files.
Changing the Index Name and extension fields will change the final output file name.

The Mac has many hidden and invisible files, if you wish to have these included in your index.html check Include Invisible Files.

Folder indexer can descend into sub folders to build a comprehensive list of files. This may take a lot of time and create a very large index.html file. In extreme cases it may also cause your Mac to run low on memory. Folder index will display a warning and stop if this happens.

You may edit the root section of the href path information. This is normally a period (.) for relative links, if you use this feature and get the path wrong your links will not work!

Snapshot Files
Important: Due to sandboxing security Folder index makes an internal copy of these files for later use, if you make changes to the originals you will need to add them again for those changes to have an effect. (see Advanced)

Logo... This will replace the logo graphic with the one selected.
CSS... Will replace the built in CSS file with a custom CSS file.
XSL... Will use your custom XSL file to transform the XML of the file details.

To remove these overrides click the X button beside the path.