Quick Start

  • Click Choose a Folder and select the Folder you wish to index
  • Click Create index.html and select the folder where you wish to store the index.htm and other source documents.


Need to print a list of files in a folder?
Have a directory of files on the web that you want to make an index.html page for?

Folder index makes an index. Use your browser to open the index.html for proof, print, or PDF.
Simple, quick and useful.

New Preferences to custom the filename, Logo, CSS and XSL transformation.

Version Notes 3.7

Can override the index.html name and extension.

Export CSS and XSL templates.

Added new Preferences to snapshot custom Logo, CSS and XSL files. This allows you to change character sets, and other language setting for non-english output.

Added Memory test to stop App running out of memory while importing the file data. This problem should only effect pre Mavericks 32bit systems. Tested with over 100,000 files in the index.html. If you encounter a memory limit please let me know.

Progress bar and messages.

Improved XSL.