Version Changes

Notes from the development department.

Version 2.10 Update Note

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When you a ready you can change to the new Categories. Changing this will update the categories popup menu items. This does NOT change your existing channel categories, you must also select your new categories from the popup menu.

v 2.8

Most of the changes in this version are under the hood, the major addition is publishing your podcast information to a shared space on iCloud. xCode has given us better tools to help with layout, so I spent a lot of time getting the fields tidy and they now behave better when resizing, and moving across the main tabs. The code base has been update to Swift 5 and I've moved to the a newer idiom, this will help when adding new features. Reworked the URL checking again, this is now checking for valid paths before going out to the web, rather than handling errors after trying to contact the URL. It's stricter and it will better report errors, if things go wrong. On a technical side I put in a lot of work to removed Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals, while these "should" never have failed if they did the App would have crashed, now we unwrap and report errors if they are encountered, going forward the code is far more robust. There are many little quality of life additions, such as highlighting missing required fields, and RSS feed errors, a few extra preferences. Happy podcasting.

RSS Changes:
Duration is now in total Seconds, not HH:MM:SS
Explicit is now true/false, not YES/NO

Import XML Changes:
A single number is treated as Seconds

v 2.6

1. Improved: Layout to make room for the new Podcast fields in iOS 11, moved to a wider window which is better for laptops.
2. Added: new fields for iOS 11, this makes the upgraded files incompatible with the previous version.
3. Improved: Checks look for https rather than handling network errors later
4. Improved: work on locating and checking internet resources. NB you can generate the RSS even when resource checks report an error.
5. Added: tool tips on the Labels to indicate the RSS tags.
6. Improved: Importing RSS more robust.
7. Improved: Now creates an Untitled document when launching with no documents open.
8. Added: Marked Complete stops adding and removing Episodes
9. Added: thanks to About...
10. Added: the content namespace
11. Fixed: <itunes:new-feed-url>

v 2.2

1. Further Reporting around the App Store Blocking HTTP GET calls.

v 2.1

1. Better checking for Image Height and Width
2. RSS Import handles short form Duration times
3. Confirm results text now Selectable
4. The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection displays correctly (see Help for more information)
5. Added allowable file type .xml to Open from RSS... menu

NOTE: http:// verse https://

v 1.9

Release 1