Main Drag and Drop Window

PDF Camera, takes a PDF file and makes a PNG snapshot of each page. These are saved to the Destination Folder.

Main Window

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Prepare a PDF and ensure you have a Folder ready for you images. The PDF page size and ratio needs to be the same as the settings you are going to use.

Drag and drop the PDF and Folder.

Click the PDF Camera button.


Drag and drop the PDF and Folder.

Ensure the settings are correct.

Click the PDF Camera button.


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File Menu

The Open menus use the standard Open sheet to locate your PDF or Destination folder.

Build PNGs will create the image files in the destination folder.

Window Menu

It is possible to close the main window is a progress window is open, to restore the window select PDF Camera from the Windows Menu. Clicking the dock icon will also re-open the main window.


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Size Presets Popup Menu, has a default set of sizes. To use a custom size click Custom size and enter the Height and Width. These values should have the same ratio as you the source PDF, otherwise stretching will occur.

Some PDFs do not have a background colour, the resulting image is opaque. If this is not what you require you can set a background colour. If the PDF has a background colour there may be no effect, or a very fine boarder in the selected colour.

For best results, the source PDF page size, the width and height ratio, should be the same as the PNG pixel ratio. You need to decide what pixel density you require. This is limited by RAM size. If the ratio is different PDF Camera will stretch the PDF to fit the pixel ratio.

If the resulting PNG files are for print then you should have a higher pixel count, for screen a lower count.