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Preferences are now in 2 section General and Advanced.


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Sort Slides

There are 4 sort orders you can choose from, to change the slide order you modify these file properties in Finder.
1. None : There will be no sort order applied, the will be in the order Finder provides them.
2. File Name : This will sort the slides by their Finder File Name.
3. Creation : This will sort the slides by the Finder Creation Date.
4. Last Modified : This will sort them by the Finder Last Modified Date.

Start Paused

The slideshow can begin Paused, or it will begin playing as soon as it's opened.

Start Fullscreen

If Start Fullscreen is checked each new slideshow will begin in fullscreen mode, if not it will begin in the last used mode.

Note: If Start Fullscreen is unchecked but the last show was in fullscreen the next show will begin in fullscreen.


When the slideshow reaches the last slide it can either wrap back to the beginning or stop.


The slide duration is the amount of time the slides will be shown for, this may vary slightly if the computer is busy.


Advanced has a few preferences that you may occasionally wish to change.
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The begin at side number will be the first slide shown, the show will then proceed from there.

When set to AutoPlay there is a delay before the first side is shown.

AutoPlay Delay

When set to AutoPlay there is a delay before the first side is shown.
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The slides can be scaled for the screen or window.
1. No Scale : The slides are displayed without scaling. This may result in very small images on retina screens, or clipping of the top right if the slide is very large.
2. Scale to fit : The slides are adjusted to fit to the height or width to fit within the window. This will result in background color “letterboxing” is the image is not the same ratio as the window.
3. Scale to fill : This mode ensures there is no background shown. It will clip the top or right of the image if the image is not the same ration as the window.

Background Color

The background color shown in No Scale and Scale to fit modes, and the Collection View can be set here.