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Folder Show Transport Controls

The show controls automatically appear when the mouse or trackpad is moved. They disappear after a few seconds when the cursor is stationary outside the control area.

Transport Areas

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Back Arrow

The Back Arrow displays the previous slide.

Keyboard - Back Arrow
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Pause / Play

The Slideshow can be paused and restarted with these controls.

Keyboard - Space Bar
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Forward Arrow

The Forward Arrow displays the next slide.

Keyboard - Forward Arrow
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Collection View

The Collection view is an overview of all the slides. In Collection view click on a different slide to move to that side, or if that slide is already selected double click to return to the slideshow.

Keyboard - B key
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Window View Mode

Slides has 2 window modes, fullscreen or windowed. Slides uses the standard OS X fullscreen mode. In addition to the normal methods of entering and exiting fullscreen mode there are these 2 controls.

Keyboard - M key
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Quit the application.

Keyboard - Q key


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Add and Remove the Flag

Quit the application.

Keyboard - . key
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Action Menu

Move Flagged to Folder will move the flagged image files to the new selected folder. You can not move files to folders with the same file names. This means you can not accidentally overwrite an important file.

Move Flagged to Trash will move the flagged image files to the trash, if there is already a file in the trash with the same name it will rename the image file.