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Main Window

The Main Window lets you quickly and easily create a HTML listing of a Folder and subfolders.
The first step is to Choose a Folder to index.
The text field is where you can enter a title for the index.html.
The tableview holds a list of files within the the top level of the Folder structure.
To enable and disable inclusion in the index click on the checkbox beside the Display Name.
Once you are happy with the included files and folders, click Create index.html.
Choose the Folder for the location of the index.html and its supporting files.
Folder indexer creates 4 files types.
The index.html file has the index information and can be opened in any standard web browser.
The folderindex.css has the formatting information for the index.html. You can edit this to alter the style of the index.
The folderindeximages Folder has 2 types of images.
The logo.png image is used in the page header: you can change this to your logo.
The other .png files are copies of the Finder icons these can also be changed if you wish to use different icons.

If you change any of these files they must retain their original file names and extensions.