Quick Start

dittoGUI has 2 drop areas, the Source and the Destination. In Finder select the files and folders that contains the source files and folders you want merged, drag and drop the folder onto the Source drop zone.
In Finder locate the folder you wish to merge the Source into, drag and drop this folder into the Destination drop zone.
Click the dittoGUI icon. A process window will open and may see a busy cog while ditto is doing the merge.


dittoGUI enables you to easily merge a set of folders and update the files. It is a drag and drop interface for the standard Apple UNIX ditto command. dittoGUI is designed for ease of use and only includes a subset of the ditto commands. It is especially useful for making quick backups, restoring saved games or adding files to your Poser Runtime folder.

Version 6 (4) Notes

dittoGUI was first developed in the early 2000s, it has been update and renewed over the years but version 6 is a complete redesign and rewrite in Swift. This redesign come from years of personal use, some things have been dropped as I never used them, others added as I thing i need them. The biggest change is now you can run as many process' as you want and each one is spawned off with its own results window. And you can Terminate() long processes and the App and Results windows check for running tasks when closing or Quitting. I am very happy with this version and i think it lays the groundwork for many more years to come.