Third Thursday Replay

Over the last 10 years each Third Thursday of the month we provide Mac training to our local communities. I now have material for about 24 months.

We now stream these lessons live. Twitch also records the whole broadcast for later viewing during the month. I’m also downloading this and editing it into individual topics. Each Third Thursday has 2 or 3 topics, that will be uploaded throughout the month following.
Each segment is just trimmed and lightly edited, they can be long. Use the time slider to move through the boring bits.

These recording begin at April 2018.


Year 1


System Preferences (1)
Mouse, Keyboard, Trackpad (Missing)


System Preferences (2) 18 mins
Users & Groups, Desktop & Screen Saver, Time Machine
Finder Sidebar 14 mins

Year 1


Part 1 System Preferences (2) 18 min
Part 2 Finder Sidebar 14 mins

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